Back from the High North!

Sunburned, windchapped, flybitten, barkscraped, shovelsore, pickaxe-blistered, toddler-weary, glad to be home, and already planning our next trip to Tequila Springs.

This was our boy’s first camping trip. He loved it. Dirt, sun, sticks, rocks, bugs, and no baths for a week. What could be wrong with that?

His mother was not quite as refreshed as he was by the experience.

Somehow, whenever he was in frame, I didn’t have a spare hand to take a picture of him. Next time.

On this trip we started digging our little hobbit hole! It is about 10’x12′, and will eventually be a partially-subterranean dwelling built entirely by hand, using materials found on-site, to the exent that can be managed. As you can see in the pictures there is no shortage of beautiful weathered limestone on the property, so that will likely make up the bulk of the walls and floors. We are still working out how we are going to make the earth-and-timber roof watertight without any newfangled stuff like rubber pond liners, tar paper, concrete, etc.–but we’ll figure it out. So far it is just a big hole, and there is a lot of digging left to be done, so the roof is Future Alex’s Problem.

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  1. What an amazing project! I look forward to seeing all the improvements. Definitely a labor of love.

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